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Health Packages

Personalized programmes, innovative methods, specialized therapists and Lošinj as an ideal place to find emotional and physical peace - all this is incorporated into our targeted health packages.


Overcome stress and emotional trauma, revitalize your personality and restore the balance on the unique island of Lošinj. The programme is implemented through a thorough psychological analysis of personality and Ayurveda treatments, consisting of various massages, exercises and tension release.

Price per person: 250,00 EUR (complimentary consultation + 75 minutes session)


Aromatherapy workshop

The aromatherapy workshop is based on the active involvement of participants in making natural face and body care products. Before the theoretical and practical part, participants will learn how plants are prepared and used for the extraction of the aromatic oils that will be used to prepare products during the workshop.

Price per person: 
1 - 4 osobe - 93,00 EUR
5 - 9 osoba - 80,00 EUR
10 or more - 67,00 EUR


Anti-nicotine detoxification programme

The goal of the Spa Clinic anti-nicotine programme is to help you stop smoking in a natural, healthy way, and to recover the physiological function of your lungs and other organs. Our programme is led by a team of successful doctors and specialized therapists. The process is founded on a unique “step-by-step” plan that will track you throughout your stay at the Spa Clinic.

Length of stay: min. 7 nights
Price per person: 2.600,00 EUR
Group price (2-10 people), per person: 2.390,00 EUR



A lack of sleep is the root cause of many of the mental and physical stresses we encounter, defined by the fast pace of our modern lives. We have created a unique programme that uses traditional, western diagnostic methods and includes treatment through macrobiotics, acupressure, phytotherapy, and many other techniques. The core of this programme is healthy sleep and how to realise it.

Length of stay: min. 7 nights
Price per person: 2.000,00 EUR
Group price (2-10 people), per person: 1.620,00 EUR


Control over your pain

Pain is something we all experience throughout our lives. Aside from physical suffering, pain can lead to a cycle of insomnia, anxiety, depression and reduced mobility. We believe in holistic health and that's why at our hotel Bellevue we offer: cryotherapy, infusion therapy, vibration therapy, Trigger Point (myofascial) therapy, Ayurvedic pain treatment, traditional Chinese medicine, modern medical treatments, dietary support and much more. Cure your pains on the island of vitality.

Length of stay: min. 7 nights
Price per person: 2.800,00 EUR
Group price (2-10 people), per person: 2.600,00 EUR


Weight loss programme

Our Spa Clinic weight loss programme at the hotel Bellevue is just what your body needs. You will work with our health, diet, fitness and life coaching experts in order to develop practical skills, get back your self-confidence and establish healthy habits in the long term.

Length of stay: min. 7 nights
Price: 1.850,00 EUR
Group price (2-10 people), per person: 1.630,00 EUR


Accommodation not included in price.

Health Packages