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Spa Clinic Collection & Rituals

Float on cloud nine while you delight yourself in a variety of our collections and rituals - specifically tailored for you.

Cryotherapy treatment

Experience temperatures down to -140°C with our cryotherapy programme. This treatment, which involves briefly exposing the body to extremely low temperatures, has been used across the world for the past thirty years. In the cryosauna, the patient “bathes” in cold nitrogen gas. Controlled exposure to low temperatures lasts 3 minutes. Cryotherapy aids in speeding recovery from various somatic illnesses and surgical operations, treating chronic pain and chronic fatigue syndromes, and in improving the body's immune response. In addition, cryotherapy treatment result in improved skin tone, improved circulation, anti-aging effects and improved condition of problematic skin.

Duration: 3 min
Price: 66,00 EUR

Vibration Healing massage with Tibetan singing bowls

Sound massage therapy has shown to remarkably and swiftly improve physical, mental and emotional pain. Pain seems to melt away and one feels emotional heaviness, like worry or depression, lifted. Joint, nerve (sciatica), digestive tract and abdominal pain, as well as headaches, migraines, damaged discs, backache and bad circulation can all be treated with vibration therapy. Unique Vibration Healing Massage at our Spa Clinic is done on the waterbed to inreach the vibration effect to your state of health by providing micro massage for inner organs and push full body detoxification, balance and self healing.

Price and duration: 
30 min - 53,00 EUR
60 min - 107,00 EUR

Sound bath - group program

Therapeutic Sound Bath is an anti-stress, relaxation bath that uses original Tibetan Singing Bowls. The vibrating frequencies will bathe you in sound, helping you get rid of daily stress and bringing harmony to your body and mind.

Duration: 30 min
Price: 30,00 EUR

Evoke The Senses

Let yourself go into the skillful hands of our therapists. Your skin will be gently cleaned through a massage with a refreshing lime and ginger exfoliating mixture. Afterwards, the skin will be prepared with a scented and nourishing bath that will relax all of your senses. Complete relaxation follows as the treatment ends with an aromatic, full body massage that will rub away all of your stress and tension.

Duration: 120 min
Price: 168,00 EUR

Swiss Enhanced Medi-Aesthetic Vacation

Combines cosmetic treatments which incorporate cutting-edge technology and high concentrations of active cosmetic ingredients. It includes the following: 2x EXIMIA Body Shape, Face Radio and Endo Lift treatments, Valmont's Fresh & Peel body scrub, a Fit & Tone body treatment and a luxurious Source de Bisses hydrating face treatment.

Duration: 300 min
Price: 500,00 EUR

Totally Organic Detox Boot Camp

Cleanse and nourish your body with fresh Aloe Vera juice and Babacavera chew. The juice helps get rid of waste products and to naturally detoxify your body. Babacavera works to eliminate cellular waste and remove the build up of acids in the body. Once ready, our therapists will guide you through natural Pharmos Natur treatments, from steam and sauna rituals to scrubs, wraps, detox massages and refreshing facials. We will finish the treatment with a herbal tea infusion, which stimulates detoxification and full body regeneration.

Pharmos Natur Detox Guide

Duration: 260 min
Price: 420,00 EUR

Girlfriends’ Getaway

Time to get together for a girl’s getaway. Custom combination of 30-min treatments of your choice.

Duration: 120 min
Price: 160,00 EUR

Private Spa Suite

Enjoy your holiday in one of our 2 SPA Suites with a private steam room and sauna, garden and much more...

Duration: 90 min (includes 30 min massage of your choice)
Price: 200,00 EUR

Accommodation not included in price.

Spa Clinic Collection & Rituals