Foot and Hand Self Massage

Foot and hand self-massage will make you feel better instantly!

Foot Massage

  1. Place one palm on top of the foot and the other on the bottom. Start gently massaging from the tips of the toes to the base. Then repeat the action several times.
  2. Massage each toe separately. Lightly squeeze and relax them, then gently pull outwards.
  3. Using your thumbs in one line, gently press your feet starting from the middle towards the edges. Then, with just one thumb, massage the arch of your foot and heel in a circular motion.
  4. Support your foot with one hand and gently squeeze that with the other hand. Use a relaxed fist to massage the entire foot in small circular motions.
  5. Gently pull out your foot with one hand. Keep the movements light and fast.
  6. Massage ankle joint with your fingertips, move slowly to the calf, massage lightly and gently move to the ankle joint again. Finish with a series of light strokes of the area as at the beginning.

Hand Massage

  1. Begin massaging the back of the hand with light pressure against the wrist. Gently squeeze the entire area of your hand and the muscles with your fingers.
  2. Massage each finger and your wrist with your thumb in a series of circular motions. Then grab the finger by its base and gently stretch it.
  3. Grasp the area between the tendons at the back of your hands and massage them using your thumbs. Then thoroughly massage the entire wrist of your hand. Repeat the whole process four times.
  4. Put your hand behind your back and resist with your fingers. Extend your fists by doing circular movements from the entire joint.
  5. Finish the massage with a series of gentle pressures from the tips of the fingers to the wrist. Immerse them in the bottom of the palm of your free hand. Repeat this procedure several times.