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Beauty is found in many faces, and while some beauty is created by people, others are created by nature itself. Lucky for you, we have chosen you the best of both - Venice and Plitvice Lakes.

Allow us to sweep you off of your feet for an unforgettable day accompanied by a private plane, car, and tour guide to two of the most divine locations in the world.


Situated in the north of the Adriatic coast is Venice, a city emerged from the sand and sea like a mirage. Resting entirely on posts, crisscrossed by canals and connected by bridges, the city itself is a unique piece of art. The laced façades of luxurious palaces, rounded domes and slender bell towers of ancient churches are reflected in the still surfaces of the canals where gondolas glide and vaporetti race. The magnificent Piazza San Marco, surrounded by the Doge’s Palace, St. Mark’s Basilica and the façades of the Procuratie, is the perfect place to gather your impressions while sipping on an obligatory espresso. Once the centre of a powerful maritime republic that introduced the glow of silk and the scents of spices from the East to western aristocrats, Venice has managed to preserve its enchanting cosmopolitan charm.


When gazing out from the lookouts on Lošinj, fixated on the blue contours of the Velebit coastal mountain range, it is difficult to imagine that hidden right behind it is an untouched world with mystical forests, canyons, and subterranean rivers. Here lies the magically beautiful Plitvice Lakes, and yes, there are 16 of them. At Plitvice Lakes, crystalline water flows from one turquoise lake to another, over distinctive travertine barriers that create waterfalls up to 100 metres wide. The surging waterfalls are awe-inspiring, and will especially take your breath away under the 76-meter-high Veliki Slap (“Big Waterfall”). Whether you wander along the wooden footpaths beside the waterfalls or cruise the Kozjak Lake, these are genuinely delightful experiences for any true nature lover and every romantic at heart.

Private aeroplane tours