Hotel restaurant

Hotel Punta’s restaurant is the proud owner of the ECARF certification which ensures its allergy-friendliness, and their BOSK gluten-free certification unconditionally guarantees foods uncontaminated with gluten.

At hotel Punta’s restaurant, you can enjoy the impressive terrace seating surrounded by the abundant vegetation of the Mediterranean overlooking the Adriatic sea. Because this hotel is all about vitality and health, the restaurant offers a separate kitchen for allergens, gluten-free and lactose foods. Furthermore, the hotel's breakfast guests are served only the cleanest foods from Croatian and local eco-producers, distributed across generous buffet tables.

Over the course of the week, the rotating cuisine of the buffet travels to all regions of Croatia, and guests can even enjoy the chefs preparing meals before their eyes - guaranteeing its quality, freshness and authenticity.

Be our guest because we care about your health!