Fitness & Training



Have fun, burn calories, strengthen your muscles, and improve your balance with FloatFit - a 30-minute high- or low-intensity water training session. FloatFit includes squats, mountain climbers, stretches, lifts, and other exercises on special Aqua Base boards in the pool. Classes are split according to their difficulty level to accommodate all age groups and levels of physical fitness.


Choose from a variety of complimentary group activities that take place daily in our Fitness Zone. Whether they are exercises targeted at strengthening the core or toning the muscles, breathing and stretching or outdoor running, we promise you’ll get your heart racing.


Working out with a personal trainer is the fastest way to reach your fitness goals. Whether you wish to lose weight, build lean muscle, train for a competition or just look and feel better, our kinesiologists will bring you closer to your goal.


Duration: 5 x 35 min 


Duration: 45 min 


Absolute Fit

We will design a bespoke and unique program especially for you, to follow during your stay. Select our Absolute Fit program and let our superb trainers help you with every single step. Eight fitness sessions, 2 partial back massages, 2 SECA Body Composition analyses and breakfast with our nutritionist.

Duration: 7 days


Improve your respiratory health, lung oxygen capacity and immunity system with our signature Re-Spiro program. In keeping with Lošinj’s century-old medical tradition, this program focuses on the regeneration and strengthening of the respiratory system through our remarkable climatic healing elements, sea-salt aerosols, prescribed fitness and respiratory methods, and medical diagnostic support.

Duration: 7 | 14 days

The Body Active

Fitness-focused programme set to achieve your personal peak performance goals guided by our highly skilled team of sports science experts, physiotherapists and movement therapists along with proven nutritional plans and medical diagnostics.

Duration: 7 | 14 days

Optimal Weight

A results-driven programme with a two-approach aim of weight loss and cleaning the body. Upon completion of this programme you can expect to reduce their body weight, along with substantial fat loss and muscle gain, a rebalancing of the gut health and greater mental clarity. A long term take home plan ensures benefit sustainability.

Duration: 7 | 14

Accommodation not included in price. Products and services are subject to change. For the most up-to-date information on available offerings and pricing, we encourage our guests to inquire with our Spa Concierge when booking their appointments.

Fitness & Training