Sport Punta

A variety of facilities for sports enthusiasts at Vitality Hotel Punta allow guests to enjoy an active vacation and experience new adventures like rock climbing or stand-up paddling. Here you will find world-class tennis facilities, a multifunctional basketball and streetball court, an outdoor gym and much more.

Sports offer at Vitality Hotel Punta:

  • 12 tennis courts - 9 clay courts (4 lighted) and 3 hard courts
  • 7-metre outdoor climbing wall (various climbing routes)
  • stand up paddle boarding
  • kayaking and canoeing
  • sports (tennis) equipment rental
  • multifunctional court with a basketball hoop
  • outdoor gym with 12 different types of equipment
  • promenades and hiking trails near the hotel perfect for running and hiking

Tennis Centre

Punta Tennis Centre has 9 clay courts (4 of which have lighting) and 3 hard courts. The tennis courts are arranged in line with the terrain grade and each court is separated from the rest. The tennis centre also comprises a club house with a café bar, changing rooms, showers and toilets. Services include tennis racquet stringing as well as rental of tennis racquets and tennis balls. A tennis coach can also be hired.

Multifunctional court

The multifunctional court is part of the tennis centre and is located in a shaded pine forest. It is a hard court with a fence and a tennis wall, a half-court basketball hoop and is also adapted to streetball.

Climbing wall

Our 7-metre outdoor climbing wall sits adjacent to the tennis courts offering different climbing routes, which are arranged so that the difficulty levels can be combined. An instructor can also be hired on request.

Outdoor gym

The outdoor gym is located in the immediate vicinity of the tennis centre. It has 12 different types of equipment located in a pine forest with sea view.

Water sports

A selection of sports equipment is available for rental on the beach for leisure activities, spending time with friends and family, and exploring beautiful nature:

  • Kayak – A kayak is a light narrow boat that is propelled by a double-bladed paddle. It is a traditional boat typically associated with the indigenous peoples of North America who used it for hunting. It is especially popular with families because it can seat several persons, making it very useful at sea.
  • SUP – Stand up paddle boarding is a fun and relaxing activity that allows you to explore the coastline and the sea without swimming or floating. This sport, which is essentially a form of surfing, can best be described as paddling on a surfboard in a standing position.

Promenades and hiking trails

Promenades and hiking trails in the immediate vicinity of the hotel are marked and perfect for hiking and running. You can enjoy the wonderful and healing scent of medicinal Lošinj herbs, sea aerosols and the shade of the rich pine forest.

Sport Punta