Spa treatments

The teachings of the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates gave birth to the true meaning of “holistic” health. His legacy firmly imprinted the philosophy that our bodies are multi-dynamic systems having the inherent ability to heal through the pillars of Nature, Diet, Massage and, importantly, Physical Activity. He regularly prescribed long walks, running, wrestling and boxing, essentially establishing exercise as medicine.

Our Spa offering supports the Body Active.



It all begins with the foundation. This profoundly effective foot-zoning massage stimulates body meridians while addressing bio-mechanical tension patterns of the tendons, ligaments, muscles and joints. Warm salt and therapeutic mud melt away stiffness.

Duration: 30 / 50 min

Deep Muscle Recovery

Serious relief for sore muscles. After an exfoliation to prepare the skin, a micro-algae mask is deeply massaged into troubled areas increasing heat and circulation to speed recovery. We follow with a powerful massage utilising bamboo sticks to stretch the muscles and leave the body rejuvenated with a finishing of tingling Body Active thermogenic booster.

Duration: 50 min

Space to Breathe

Improve your respiratory health, lung oxygen capacity and immunity system with our signature Re-Spiro program. In keeping with Lošinj’s century-old medical tradition, this program focuses on the regeneration and strengthening of the respiratory system through our remarkable climatic healing elements, sea-salt aerosols, prescribed fitness and respiratory methods, and medical diagnostic support.

Duration: 7 | 14 | 21 days



Accommodation not included in price. Products and services are subject to change. For the most up-to-date information on available offerings and pricing, we encourage our guests to inquire with our Spa Concierge when booking their appointments.

Spa treatments