Re-Spiro pulmonary rehabilitation programme

Pulmonary rehabilitation on Lošinj is based on scientifically founded clinical and diagnostic methods that are combined with natural healing factors and the healing aerosol of the Island of Lošinj, all in accordance with centuries-old medical tradition on Lošinj. The pulmonary rehabilitation programme, Re-Spiro, is designed for people with mild obstructive breathing disorders, and has been developed in cooperation with Croatian Respiratory Society and Srebrnjak Children's Hospital in Zagreb.

The goal of this programme is the reduction of symptoms and improvement of life quality in people with respiratory problems.

It is designed to assist in the control and adjustment of life, specific condition or disease, and for maintenance of good conditions of lung muscles. Re-Spiro programmes are customised specifically for each client, taking into consideration their condition, medical history and goals. Users will be trained for independent use of skills and procedures which will help them breathe easily, extend the quiet period without disease symptoms, reduce the frequency of disease exacerbation and reduce medication consumption during the year, and consulting with a nutritionist will help in choosing a suitable diet selection.

Re-Spiro is designed for:

  • Adults and children with asthma or chronic bronchitis 
  • Smokers who smoke more than one pack of cigarettes per day and have done so for more than 10 years
  • Adults and children who live in big cities and are chronically exposed to a high concentration of smog 
  • Adults and children who are exposed to inhalation of fumes, vapours, dust and toxic gases or work/study and live in polluted areas, and are therefore in greater risk of pulmonary disease 
  • Adults and children with dyspnea, those who are of a sedentary type, people who don't tolerate strain and therefore suffer a shortness of breath during everyday activities 
  • Adults with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) categorised according to gold classification stage 1 and 2 or therapeutic groups A and B
  • Children with a lack of physical activity or those who are often ill
  • Children with rhinosinusitis

The programmes include:

  • 2x Medical examinations - blood pressure measurement, weighing, spirometry, oximetry, electrocardiogram, interview, clinical evaluation and comparison of the results from the beginning and the end of your stay
  • Exercises with a therapist – number of exercises depends on the duration of stay
  • Nutritional counselling sessions - number of sessions depends on the duration of stay

Re-Spiro EXPRESS & Re-Spiro Junior EXPRESS

Duration: 7 days
Programme price: 233,00 EUR per adult/child

Re-Spiro LIGHT & Re-Spiro Junior LIGHT

Duration: 14 days
Programme price:  387,00 EUR per adult/child

Re-Spiro MAX & Re-Spiro Junior MAX

Duration: 21 days
Programme price: 437,00 EUR per adult/child

Re-Spiro pulmonary rehabilitation programme