AVEDA Hairlab by Ruža at Hotel Bellevue

The best and completely innovative hair spa concept for beautiful and healthy hair, now available at Čikat bay, on the island of Lošinj. The first Aveda Hairlab salon by Ruža, which offers the newest concept of hair care, for healthy, shiny and voluminous hair, as well as personalized Aveda hair SPA magic rituals for healthy and nourished hair and scalp. Aveda Hairlab salon by Ruža in Mali Lošinj, bearing the name of famous Zagreb's hair salons, with a tradition of more than 40 years old and countless satisfied clients, now exclusively in Croatia, offers unique hair diagnosis done by micro camera. Diagnosis by micro camera, available in this salon – a trendsetter on the field of hair innovations and a favourite choice for trendsetters and celebrities, includes examination and analyses of both the scalp and hair, allowing insight into the problem zones. After having done detailed diagnosis, personalized therapy follows, giving experts guidance for proper therapy and care leading to healthy, shiny and voluminous, or in one word, perfect hair

Beautiful and strong hair is the result of a healthy scalp

Get acquainted with the current condition of your hair and scalp and find personalized Aveda Hair SPA rituals for the health and care of your hair and scalp in Aveda Hairlab salon by Ruža.


Aveda is the most famous and the only, completely natural professional brand which offers products for the professional care of hair, face and body. Aveda hair colors are 98% natural and enriched with plant oils which improve and nourish hair structure. Colors with invasive intensity and glow, which apart from not being harmful, leave you breathless. Mission in Ruža Pure Aveda is to take care of the world we live in, from the products we use, and which Aveda makes, we try in many different ways to give back to our society. In Ruža Pure Aveda, we try hard to set an example for the ecological leadership and responsibility, not only in the world of fashion and beauty, but throughout the world. Ruža Pure Aveda is the symbol for beauty on the inside and the outside.

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