The Museum of Apoxyomenos

Apoxyomenos is a young and beautiful, perfectly built and nude athlete; the personification of the classical ideal of beauty admired by the ancient world.

Caught while cleaning sweat and dust from his body after exercising, this young Greek athlete was immortalised into a bronze statue by an accomplished master sculptor in the middle of the 4th century B.C. They called him Apoxyomenos (the Scraper), an image so dazzling that many wanted one just for themselves.

Ancient Greek sculptors created new sculptures regularly, but bronze was a sensitive and expensive material. This resulted in the majority of sculptures perishing forever, decaying with age after being recast. Only two bronze statues of Apoxyomenos have survived throughout the centuries – the one exhibited in Vienna’s Kunsthistorisches Museum and this one in Lošinj, exhibited in the Museum of Apoxyomenos since 2016.

When and why did the Hellenic statue of Apoxyomenos end up in the depths of the Lošinj sea? Who was the statue intended for? How was it discovered 45 metres under the sea? What were some of the unusual discoveries made about the statue during its six-year-long restoration? Why has the figure, exhibited around the world, induced such excitement and awe? You can find all of the answers to these questions at the Museum of Apoxyomenos, located on the main waterfront of Mali Lošinj. We’ll even reserve tickets for you and organise private transport to the museum if necessary, while your only task will be to enjoy the unbelievable tale of the Apoxyomenos.

Note: While you might be tempted, remember, the statue of Apoxyomenos is for your eyes only.

The Museum of Apoxyomenos